Bone Marrow Transplant Services

Each year the VCU Massey Canter Center treats approximately 150 – 190 patients with Bone Marrow Transplant Procedures (BMT). The BMT service is a heavy user of clinical resources and requires significant planning in coordinating with Pathology, Radiology, Pulmonary Function, Apheresis/Blood Bank, Bone Marrow Biopsies, and Nursing services. Acquisition and analysis of historical data from different data “pools” can provide improvements in patient care, planning of resource loads.  There is a significant need to develop an analysis and predictive platform to improve processes for inpatient and outpatient bone marrow transplant care, service scheduling, reducing end-to-end treatment expenses, AND improved efficiency of clinical staffing and supply logistics.  

The BMT service performs two types of transplant procedures.  1) Autologous (patient is own donor) transplants have a specific usually short time "kinetics" from first consultation, to the inpatient transplant procedure, then post-transplant outpatient follow-up.  2) Allogeneic procedures (donor marrow from another individual) involve more time from the first physician consultation to transplantation, the inpatient hospital stay is longer, and the post-transplant clinic follow-up visits extend for many months. 

Projects will include:

  • Learn about treatment pathways processes and flow of data recording. Flow chart processes for analysis.
  • Identify historical information from fragmented data pools and develop methods for consolidation for analysis of trends, resource requirements and outcomes.
  • Develop predictive models for future demand loading and required staffing and resources.
  • Integrate UX/UI human factors principles into understanding and output to address efficiencies and effectiveness in use of data and predictive information.

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