Hyperloop at VCU

Hyperloop team at VCU holding their project poster

What is the Hyperloop?

Hyperloop as a technology was first invented by Elon Musk, CEO & Founder of SpaceX. Musk envisioned a pod traveling at speeds upwards of 700 mph to transport humans from state to state as the fifth form of transportation. This may seem science fiction, yet university teams have already reached 200 mph in just the 1 kilometer test track.

Who we are?

We are a student organization at Virginia Commonwealth University competing in 3rd SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition. We are comprised of 40+ active members across our 3 pod design teams, marketing, and finance teams, along with our faculty endorsements. Our team consists of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, physics, mathematics, business, and arts majors. We are paving the way towards a better future by improving the technology of the Hyperloop with the creativity of the #1 Public Arts Institution in the country.