Medical Device Development and Prototyping

Background: Medical device development is a growing industry, with a total revenue of about $110 billion and a projected growth rate of 5%.  Electro-medical/therapeutic devices currently occupy about 33% of that market.  In the Electromagnetics lab, researchers apply electromagnetic principles to the design and development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools, primarily in the area of cancer and diabetes research.  Ongoing research includes using hyperthermia as a direct or collateral approach to cancer therapy, glucose monitoring and delivery systems, the development of bio-mimicking gels, and other projects that result as a direct collaboration with the medical or dental communities.  Students engaged in this work through the VIP program will be trained in the fundamentals of electromagnetic theory as well as relevant software and hardware that will be used in the execution of their research and development projects.


  • Developing glucose monitoring and delivery systems.
  • Design and development of 3-D printed antennas and antenna systems to be used in collateral therapy protocols for chemotherapy treatments.  The designs will be individualized to the patient’s unique shape and needs.
  • Development of bio-mimicking gels to be used in in-vitro testing of the developed therapeutic and diagnostic protocols.

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