VIP Student Information

To join a VIP team:

Step 1: Get permission from the team’s faculty advisor to join the team

a) Fill out the online application form for the VIP team you wish to join OR

b) Talk to the faculty advisor for the VIP team you wish to join

Step 2: Use the online override request form to get an override for the section of the VIP class, ENGR497 for your VIP team

– the ENGR497 sections are closed, you cannot register for them until you obtain an override

– be sure to select the correct section for your VIP team and the number of credit hours you and the faculty advisor agreed to for this semester

Step 3: Register for the section of ENGR497 for your VIP team

– You will receive an email when the override for ENGR497 has been entered into the system

– Use the add/drop section on eServices to register for ENGR497 – this is the only way you can use your override to register for the class

If you have questions about the VIP program, contact the director of VIP@VCU. If you have questions about the registration process contact the College of Engineering Student Services.

Additional VIP Information:

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