Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber Physical Systems and Trusted Autonomy

In the past 10 years Cyber-physical systems (CPS) has emerged as the "new science frontier" at the intersection of computing and physical sciences. Cyber-Physical Systems are transforming how we interact with the physical world around us – much in the way the internet transformed our societal and economic world 25 years. This intimate coupling between the cyber and physical is manifested from the nano-world (MEMs devices) to large-scale wide-area systems of systems (Smart cities).

In this team, participants will study first-hand Cyber Physical Systems and autonomous systems technologies, working to develop devices, tools, and methods which may lead to commercial products, research papers, and technology demonstrations. Topic areas include smart city technology, secure and trusted embedded devices, Internet of Things, System Based Cyber Security, semi-autonomous vehicles, new methods for testing embedded SW, machine learning, and cyber-attack emulation. Through these pursuits, skills developed in areas of digital systems, computer architecture, programming, model based design, and systems theory will be put to use to study and develop CPS and autonomous systems as well as fundamental principles in Cyber Physical Systems, Digital systems, and SW engineering.

Projects will include:

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