Engineering Critical Care Team

Critical Patient Care

The work environment for Anesthesiologists in the surgical theater, ICU and patient transport is little changed for decades. Significant improvements can be made in patient safety, ergonomics and work flow for anesthesiologists, technicians and nurses. There are a number of potential projects which individually can significantly improve the environment for anesthesiologists and other providers resulting in improving the standard of patient care.

The team is looking for energetic and motivated sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate and graduate students in BME, MNE, CS, ECE, CLSE, Anesthesiology, Nurse Anesthesia, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Nursing, and Business (Innovation and Product Development).

Projects will include:

  • Patient and personnel safety ergonomics, efficiency, and cost
  • Training of personnel (mobile apps)
  • Project life-cycle, including conception, design, regulatory, prototyping and product development / business

Interested? Contact Prof. Ben Ward (