Hyperloop team at VCU and the Hyperloop pod

Hyperloop at VCU

Hyperloop is a transportation concept for new, very high speed movement of goods and people. In summer of 2018, VCU was one of 18 worldwide finalists in the third SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in California. Our Hyperloop VIP team is creating a new vehicle design to enter in the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop competition. Design components include: Propulsion, horizontal and vertical suspension, braking, controls software, performance sensors and communications, pod chassis and overall vehicle design. Other key components of the team’s success include: product design, marketing and communications, sponsorships, fundraising and finance and project management.

Key Activities: Design thinking, ideation, creative analysis, engineering solution development, documentation, fundraising and hands-on building of a large very high-speed prototype vehicle in a teamwork environment.

Seeking Majors & Backgrounds: Mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, computer science, business and students from other disciplines with a strong desire to participate in focused teamwork to design, build and test a new pod vehicle for the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition.

Projects will include:

Interested? Contact Prof. Franklin Bost (lfbost@vcu.edu)

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